IMCY-0141 is a synthetic peptide based on MOG (Myelin Oligodendrocyte Glycoprotein), a dominant autoantigen, designed to stop the progression of multiple sclerosis (MS) and the destruction of the myelin sheath protecting the nerves. ImotopesTM stimulate the expansion of a population of antigen-specific cytolytic CD4 T cells that reset the body’s autoimmune response. By specifically interrupting the autoantigen-driven disease pathway, Imotopes™ halt the attack on the central nervous system. IMCY-0141 has shown promising results in several MS preclinical models, demonstrating an immune response that supports the proposed mode of action. Notably, in those models, Imotopes™ also demonstrated induction of a memory response so that the treatment effect is long-lasting and require less frequent dosing regimens.

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