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Published Date: 2021-09-15 23:00:00

Source: BioMedCentral

Link: https://bmcbioinformatics.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12859-021-04357-4

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Background: Transcription factors (TFs) are the upstream regulators that orchestrate gene expression, and therefore a centrepiece in bioinformatics studies. While a core strategy to understand the biological context of genes and proteins includes annotation enrichment analysis, such as Gene Ontology term enrichment, these methods are not well suited for analysing groups of TFs. This is particularly true since such methods do not aim to include downstream processes, and given a set of TFs, the expected top ontologies would revolve around transcription processes.ResultsWe present the TFTenricher, a Python toolbox that focuses specifically at identifying gene ontology terms, cellular pathways, and diseases that are over-represented among genes downstream of user-defined sets of human TFs. We evaluated the inference of downstream gene targets with respect to false positive annotations, and found an inference based on co-expression to best predict downstream processes. Based on these downstream genes, the TFTenricher uses some of the most common databases for gene functionalities, including GO, KEGG and Reactome, to calculate functional enrichments. By applying the TFTenricher to differential expression of TFs in 21 diseases, we found significant terms associated with disease mechanism, while the gene set enrichment analysis on the same dataset predominantly identified processes related to transcription.Conclusions and availabilityThe TFTenricher package enables users to search for biological context in any set of TFs and their downstream genes. The TFTenricher is available as a Python 3 toolbox at https://github.com/rasma774/Tftenricher, under a GNU GPL license and with minimal dependencies.

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