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This website is an implementation of GregoryAI focused on Multiple Sclerosis research. We use this Artificial Intelligence assistant to find, filter, and distribute relevant research to Doctors and clinical researchers.

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We keep track of our activities and expenses for the sake of transparency. The report also includes our findings regarding Multiple Sclerosis.

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updates on the roadmap and news about the project

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8, May 2023. Content in Portuguese.

Público is a top-tier Portuguese newspaper, recognized for its comprehensive coverage of diverse topics. Since its launch in 1990, it's become a reliable source for national and international news.


In Academia

22, March 2023

Research by António Lopes and Bruno Amaral on the machine learning technique used for GregoryAI. Harnessing intelligent reinforcement learning, our method maps and recommends valuable research material for multiple sclerosis studies. Through rigorous testing and evaluation of various machine learning algorithms, we have identified the most promising candidate to create a comprehensive and effective model for advancing multiple sclerosis research.

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