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A Digital Strategist who works bridging the gap between tech and communication. He founded and works at the Lisbon Collective, and is a teacher, both in Lisbon University’s Masters Course of Communication and Digital Strategy, and Public Relations at the School of Communication and Media Studies, also in Lisbon.

Bruno was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2019 and is using tech to help improve quality of life for himself and others.

You can see what Bruno has been working on at and on LinkedIn/brunoamaral/

A machine learning approach for mapping and accelerating multiple sclerosis research

The Gregory MS team, António Lopes and Bruno Amaral, participated in the International Conference on Health and Social Care Information Systems and … Read more

Artificial Intelligence and robots in healthcare

“Cruzamento” is a portugues podcast about the crossroads of Health and Technology. For episode 53, António Lopes and Bruno Amaral shared this … Read more

Presenting at Fórum Saúde XXI

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to be present at Fórum Saúde XXI and show GregoryMS to the Medical Community in Portugal. This project runs on good … Read more

XVI National Congress on Multiple Sclerosis

This year the theme of the conference was “Health + Social 4.0”. The conference is organized by the Portuguese MS Society and I had the … Read more

A much needed update

Let me start by saying I feel exhausted and drained, so this update will feel a bit more personal. Between life, work and Gregory, the last 40 or so days … Read more

v2.0 - New design

This is mostly an aesthetic update. The site now uses the Now-UI theme from Creative Tim, with tons of changes to fit the purpose of listing research and … Read more

Version 1.8.1

New Sources Added for Clinical Trials and Articles No new sources were added in this release New Features Adds new API endpoints to search the database by … Read more

Ensaios Clínicos e melhorias na partilha de informação

Nos últimos dias estivemos a fazer um conjunto de melhorias em dois campos: recolha de informação sobre ensaios clínicos e método de divulgação. Os sites … Read more


Como parte de uma sugestão recebida por email, foi criado um sumário da pesquisa com os artigos que são, aparentemente, mais relevantes. Esta seleção é … Read more

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