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Last Saturday I had the opportunity to be present at Fórum Saúde XXI and show GregoryMS to the Medical Community in Portugal.

This project runs on good will and hope, and opportunities like this are extremely valuable to get the word out to our main stakeholders. Doctors and Researchers.

I’m very grateful to Andrea Lima and the whole team at Fórum Saúde para o Século XXI for the invitation.

It’s not easy to explain what Gregory does in five minutes and ten slides, so we focused on what is essential.

  1. Gregory is able to plot a map of what is being researched in Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  2. We can use that information to manage our resources better
  3. We need to get the word out.

Raising awareness for the project is hard because this is a one-man show, with help from a very dear group of friends that go by “The Lobsters”. They help by pointing the way to developing the software, solving bugs, and teaching me.

This weekend they went far beyond that. I came down sick on Friday and was close to not making it to the presentation. Artur Ventura, Luís Amaral, and Pedro Pinheiro took turns taking me to the hospital and even drove me to Aveiro.

It was well worth the trip given the number of people that were there and came to share some words after.

If you would like to help, share the link to Gregory MS with anyone you know in the scientific and medical community, or friends with MS. And if you would like to use it, book a free video call with me for a personal introduction to how it works.

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This is an independent project that runs on the good will of volunteers

You can help by spreading the word or by making a donation to pay for the server costs.