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Our Annual Review of 2023 outlines significant progress in multiple sclerosis (MS) research, advancements in technology, and our contributions to the academic community. Key highlights from the report include:

  1. Developmental Milestones and Collaborations: Gregory AI and Gregory MS have made substantial advancements, including improvements in machine learning, data management, and user interface enhancements. A notable academic contribution is a paper co-authored by António Lopes and Bruno Amaral, detailing the use of Gregory for processing data into usable information for MS research stakeholders. Collaborations with Nova SBE Data Science Knowledge Center and the integration of World Health Organization (WHO) data are also notable accomplishments from last year.

  2. Observatory and Research Insights: The report introduces the MS Observatory, an innovative approach offering detailed insights into medicines and research areas related to MS. Analysis of the MS research landscape has yielded valuable insights, despite challenges in mapping research contributions by country due to limitations in data availability.

  3. Advancements in Clinical Trials: Significant progress has been made in integrating clinical trial data from the WHO, enhancing the ability to track clinical trials globally and understand the landscape of research and treatment options for MS.

  4. Financial Overview and Team Contributions: The financial section shows modest donations and highlights the backing provided by the Lisbon Collective for Gregory MS. The team, including António Lopes, Bruno Amaral, Inês Carvalho, and Margarida Gomes, has played a vital role in the project’s success.

  5. Media and Social Media Presence: Gregory MS’s presence in various media platforms has facilitated critical conversations and awareness about the importance of advancing MS research. Adjustments were made to social media strategies due to changes in platform policies, with a shift towards Mastodon and Blue Sky for article posting.

  6. Key Numbers for 2023: The review provides an overview of key statistics for 2023, including the number of articles, authors, clinical trials, and social media followers, highlighting the project’s impact and reach.

  7. Future Aspirations: Looking forward, the team aims to continue its trajectory of innovation and collaboration, leveraging technology and strategic partnerships to drive meaningful progress in MS research.

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Bruno Amaral

Bruno is a Digital Strategist who works bridging the gap between tech and communication. He founded and works at the Lisbon Collective, and is a teacher, both in Lisbon University’s Masters Course of Communication and Digital Strategy, and Public Relations at the School of Communication and Media Studies, also in Lisbon. Bruno was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2019 and is using tech to help improve quality of life for himself and others suffering with MS.

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