Artificial Intelligence and robots in healthcare

“Cruzamento” is a portugues podcast about the crossroads of Health and Technology. For episode 53, António Lopes and Bruno Amaral shared this … Read more

Presenting at Fórum Saúde XXI

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to be present at Fórum Saúde XXI and show GregoryMS to the Medical Community in Portugal. This project runs on good … Read more

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January 20, 2022


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Centers for Clinical Trials in Portugal

AIBILI - Associação para Investigação Biomédica e Inovação em Luz e Imagem Centro Hospitalar Barreiro-Montijo Centro Hospitalar de Entre Douro e Vouga … Read more

XVI National Congress on Multiple Sclerosis

This year the theme of the conference was “Health + Social 4.0”. The conference is organized by the Portuguese MS Society and I had the … Read more

A much needed update

Let me start by saying I feel exhausted and drained, so this update will feel a bit more personal. Between life, work and Gregory, the last 40 or so days … Read more


Gregory MS is an Open Project built by Bruno Amaral, who does not have any kind of medical training. Therefore, please keep in mind none of the content … Read more

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy If you're a visitor I don't save any of your data. You can see everything that we collect from our visitors in the Analytics Page If you … Read more

For Doctors

Promising articles for patient outcomes View online or download the full listing. Download Articles View online The observatory On this page you will find … Read more

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