This is a patient-led project that runs with open-source and free software and the only running cost is the hosting and domain name. In 2023, this amounted to 334.25 € in expenses, with 19 € in donations.

By donating you help us make this project sustainable and allow us to focus more in developing new features to help patients and doctors looking for the most up to date information.

How we process donations

Currently, our donations are processed through a non-profit called Human Singularity Network using payment processing by Stripe. The Human Singularity Network is registered in Portugal with the Tax ID 517 563 363

You can view the donations received on the Transparency page for the Human Singularity Network.

For more details on donations and the costs of maintaining the website, please read our published Annual Activities Reports.

You can find the donations and expenses for 2023 on page 18 of the Annual Report.