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Gregory MS is an Open Project built by Bruno Amaral, who does not have any kind of medical training.

Therefore, please keep in mind none of the content found on this site is a prescription, recommendation, or even a suggestion. The information found here is meant to assist medical teams and researchers.

We are trying to help them save time by collecting up to date information and identifying articles which are relevant in providing new treatment protocols.

This is done manually and with the assistance of a machine learning algorithm. This algorithm was trained by Bruno, and therefore reflects his bias and interpretation of what is relevant.

We appreciate your interest, and advise you to discuss the information found here with your medical team.

Bruno Amaral

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +351 912 875 856

A Digital Strategist who works bridging the gap between tech and communication. He founded and works at the Lisbon Collective, and is a teacher, both in Lisbon University’s Masters Course of Communication and Digital Strategy, and Public Relations at the School of Communication and Media Studies, also in Lisbon.

Bruno was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2019 and is using tech to help improve quality of life for himself and others.

You can see what Bruno has been working on at brunoamaral.eu and on LinkedIn/brunoamaral/

This is an independent project that runs on the good will of volunteers

You can help by spreading the word or by making a donation to pay for the server costs.